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“Although there are numerous Blak Widow Species, we work as ONE…ONE species, ONE unit, ONE pulse…We are to be considered as ONE Blak Widow…We are never to be cited as Blak Widows…”


Originated in 2011 and fully institutionalized in 2014, Blak Widow Select is a competitive youth lacrosse program that is revolutionizing the game from the ground up. Blak Widow Select utilizes various playing fields throughout Berks County for means of practice and clinic work. The Blak Widow Select staff has a true, deep passion for the game of lacrosse. Players like the staff, will respect the game through sportsmanship, self-discipline, hard work, hustle and flow. Our main focus is to instill and accentuate correct fundamentals and skill development for all ages. It is our goal to excel players, to elevate them to the next level and to help them exceed expectations on and off the field. Here’s to the beginning of a new revolution…


Blak Widow Select Lacrosse - “Determination & Destruction”

Directors //                            

Jake Plunket
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Dave Lamont
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Program Manager //                            

Jessie Plunket
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Coaches //                            

Derek Stump
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Crim 2019.jpg
Dan Crim
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Alex Stone.jpg
Alex Stone
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Drew Cottrell
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Tommy Reinhart.jpg
Tommy Reinhart
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Frankie Cox RMU.jpg
Frankie Cox
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Ryan Terefenko
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Jake Klein
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Cole Snyder
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Garrett Heidecker.jpg
Garrett Heidecker
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Alex_Gunderson 2020.jpg
Alex Gunderson
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Jason Metz 2020.jpg
Jason Metz
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Jack Grayson 2020.jpg
Jack Grayson
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Cam Magalotti 2020.jpg
Cam Magalotti
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Owen McDermott.jpg
Owen McDermott
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Griffin Ganster
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Michael Duddy
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Andrew Potter
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